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Q4 2022


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Why invest in

Diamonds are a portfolio diversification asset that store and create value, as well as are uncorrelated to stocks, and less volatile than commodities like gold and silver.

With the current economic outlook of inflation, instability, and uncertainty, now is the time to expand your portfolio and join Kimby!

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decreasing supply & growing demand
outperformance of the s&p

Expanding opportunities
previously available to the wealthy few

At Kimby we remove high barriers to entry that have made it difficult for investors to invest in diamonds, such as...

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Painful price points

We offer the possibility of buying shares in high-value natural diamonds.

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Lack of access

Our industry relationships allow us to find unique diamonds at wholesale prices.

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Daily, we search the market to find the best sale opportunities for our diamonds.

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Lack of knowledge

We curate educational content and insights, exclusively for our members.

How Kimby Works?

Our team handpicks unique opportunities that make
your portfolio shine.

Diamond Discovery

We search the market for exclusive high-value diamonds with potential for wealth preservation and appreciation.


Offering Creation

We select the diamond and prepare the Offering for investors to participate


Unit Distribution

After the Offering closes, members receive their units and can monitor them on their dashboard.


Diamond Sale

The diamond is held for 1-10 years, and when the time is right, we sell it and members receive pro-rata proceeds.*

*Fees and conditions apply. Secondary market opportunities cannot be predicted or guaranteed. Read Disclaimers.

Diamonds are
Disrupting the World

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Over the past 10 years the average prices of natural coloured diamonds... - pink, blue and yellow – has risen by (an average) 77%...
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Gold is not all that glisters - diamonds act as hedge...
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Referred by many as ‘inflation or recession proof’ these alternative investments...have proven to yield higher returns despite financial crises.

Access to high-value diamonds at the touch of your fingertips

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The Kimby Edge

We’re one of the first platforms making natural diamond investing a reality.

In addition, our exclusive partnerships allow us to source diamonds early in the value chain at -- or even below -- fair market value.

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Frequently Asked

Are non-US investors allowed?

Yes, international investors who meet the eligibility criteria are allowed. However, Kimby reserves the right to reject potential international investors for any reason. Additionally, international investors may be subject to additional restrictions and conditions. It is recommended that you consult your own professional financial, legal, and tax advisors before becoming a member.

How is my investment taxed?

Kimby issuers are Delaware series limited liability companies that elect to be taxed as partnerships. Each person that holds Kimby issuer units will be sent a Form K-1 following the end of each tax year. We do not anticipate that any Kimby issuer will generate taxable income during any tax year, other than the tax year in which the diamond is sold and only if the diamond is sold at a profit. The tax consequences to you as an investor will vary depending upon your specific circumstances. You are advised to consult with your tax advisor prior to making an investment.

Is there a minimum and maximum investment amount?

Yes, there are minimum and maximum subscription limits. In most cases, the minimum subscription amount is $5,000 per Offering, and the maximum subscription amount will depend on the total price of the Offering and applicable laws. However, both minimum and maximum amount restrictions may vary at our sole discretion and by applicable laws. The minimum subscription amount will be indicated on the Offering card as, for example, "$5,000 min".

Please note that once a subscription is received, it is irrevocable by you but can be partially or fully rejected by us.

Can I invest as an entity?

Yes, entities that are accredited investors and pass KYC checks or applicable eligibility criteria are allowed to participate.

Are there transfer and selling restrictions?

Yes, there are transfer and selling restrictions. As a private security, the units you purchase are not freely tradable and are subject to internal policy and legal restrictions. Members can only transfer and/or sell their interest by applicable laws and with our consent. You can find more information in the Offering documents.

One common regulation that applies to the resale of private, restricted, and control securities is SEC Rule 144. This rule sets the conditions under which such securities can be resold without registration. Typically, there is a yearly hold period. We may also withhold our consent to any transfer or sale at our discretion, depending on the circumstances.

Please read all relevant documents and consult with your professional tax, legal, and financial advisors before becoming a member to ensure that you understand the transfer and selling restrictions and the associated risks.

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