How Kimby Works

1. Diamond Discovery

We work with leading industry partners to find exclusive high-value diamonds with value storage and appreciation potential, by carefully evaluating the market with our unique relationships and in-house
Diamond discovery

2. Offering Creation

After carefully selecting a beautiful diamond, we prepare an Offering for it, which is then launched on our platform. At this point, investors can browse our platform and review the details of the Offering to decide if they are interested in participating in it.
Offering creation

3. Unit Distribution

After the Offering closes, members can oversee their units on their dashboard. Members can see their subscription agreement, updates on the diamond, and relevant notifications. This means members can have access to necessary information at all times.

4. Diamond Sale

We hold the diamond for 1-10 years and monitor the market for suitable sale opportunities. When a sale offer is received and approved, members receive their pro-rata proceeds based on their units.

Diamond sale

Investment process

The image shows a high-level diagram of the key steps involved in the Kimby process. This is not investment advice, capital is at risk, and disclaimers apply.

Frequently Asked

What happens after I deposit money?

When you pay for your subscription, you are sending funds to an account designated for the specific Series. If the Offering closes successfully, the funds will be used to purchase the diamond and cover applicable expenses. If there is any funds left over, they will be used to contribute to further due diligence costs.  

If the Offering is terminated, your deposited money will be refunded to you minus any applicable fees.

What are the fees?

See the fee schedule here.

Can I see the diamond?

If you own units of a Kimby series, you may visit the underlying series diamond at your own cost. Feel free to contact us via the chat or at to make arrangements.